The V Games Series by Ker Dukey and K Webster

Released : 17th August 2021 (Box Set)
Publisher: Self Published (?) 
Format : E book
Source : Brought
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Overall rating
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.... The Blurb  ....
Three complete books.
One boxed set.

Vicious. Villainous. Victorious.
Power comes from money and fear and the men of The V Games have both in abundance.
They rule with an iron fist and do it well.
Their empires are built on blood and brutality and no one is immune to their wrath… or so they thought.
When love intervenes on their path to the top, it alters everything.
The rules have changed.
Let the games begin…

**The V Games series is a dark, crime steamy mafia romance series that might be triggering to some. It's a complete fast-paced and page-flipping romantic suspense series that'll keep you guessing at every turn. This series includes Vlad, Ven, and Vas.**

.... My Thoughts   ...
In Short
- The characters are ruthless and unapologetic. 
- All the characters are very different and unique to themselves.
- The storyline and characters are dark and push many boundaries. 
In Long
Wow !
What a ride this series has been. I think I have felt every emotion while reading these books. It is SO ruthless and the characters are unapologetic in their ways.

I feel Ven is my favourite but ask me at a different time and it may change. What I loved is how different they are, it really kept my interest as.i truely got to know a different character each book.
Ven is by far the most lovable character with all his little quirks. I just LOVE seeing him with other characters from the book and how protective he is of them.

Vlad is ruthless and doesn't give anything a second thought. In some chapters I hated him, he is not lovable. But a other scene and seeing this different side to him, it's almost forgivable.

Vas. Oh Vas. Actually he may be my favourite. Oh I don't know. I feel he is the Inbetween of Vlad and Ven. A perfect mix.

The storyline is dark and pushes a lot of boudaries but I knew to expect that with K Webster. I have only read one fro Durkey but will 100% be reading more.

Final Thoughts
I didn't realised this was link to another series so will definitely be reading that asap.

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