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*Review* Possession by L.K. Shaw

Series : #11 Black Light
Released : 16 January 2019
Publisher: Black Collar Dress
Format : E book
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.... The Blurb  ....
After relocating to Washington, D.C. to avoid an overzealous secret admirer, Dr. Madeline Parrish wants to learn all that the city has to offer. When a friend invites her to explore the dark pleasures at the exclusive BDSM club, Black Light, Madeline meets two enigmatic Doms, with whom she spends one explosive night.

Soon the “love letters” from her admirer start arriving, but now their tone is clearly threatening. When it’s discovered the letters are eerily similar to those written by the serial killer, “Casanova”, FBI Agents Joseph Crocker and Nathaniel Morgan are brought in to investigate.

Much to their surprise, Madeline is the sexy submissive they shared an unforgettable night with. Crocker and Morgan tempt and seduce Madeline into becoming theirs. “Casanova”, however, has other plans for her.

Can the men catch the killer before he makes Madeline his next victim?

.... My Thoughts   ...
In Short
- Addictive, suspenseful read with TWO hot doms. 
- This is my first of the Black Light series and L.K. Shaw book and I need more!

In Long
The blurb for Possession hints at an intense, suspenseful read and this is exactly what you get. 

My first Black Light book and my first L.K. Shaw read, this excites me so much because I crave more of both! L.K. Shaw's writing mixes everything you want in a dark romance book, creating an exciting cocktail which I couldn't drink fast enough.

The mix of the hot, saucy scenes with the gripping story line make for an addictive read but then add in two HOT doms, well, read this book at your own risk. Joseph and Nathaniel are mind blowing, both giving their own spark to the scenes with their very different personalities. I don't know about Madeline but couldn't get enough of them.

Final Thoughts 
A dark romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat while hot under the collar, unable to breathe. 

'It's you. He couldn't give me what I needed, because you're what i've needed. The both of you.'

'Some people are circles and some people are squares and no matter how hard you work to fit them together, it doesn't match up. Circles have to find other circles and squares other squares.'

'You're a diamond. Flawless and perfect.' 

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

*Book Review* Game on by Kelly Jamieson

Series :  #8 Aces Hockey
Released : 15th January 2019
Publisher: Loveswept
Format : E book
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.... The Blurb  ....
When the stakes are this high, it’s game on. . . .

“Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Cam Brickley and his pro hockey teammates bet on everything: who can win five faceoffs in a row, who can do forty pushups in less than a minute, who can eat a ghost pepper without puking. But when his buddies bet him he can’t date the same woman—like, say, the hot blonde over at the bar—for two months and not fall in love, he’ll take that bet all day. Then he’ll laugh all the way to the hockey arena, where they’ll be washing his jock straps for the rest of the season, because Cam’s never giving up his bachelor lifestyle.

Olivia Lockwood, heiress to the Lockwood Industries fortune, is used to people using her for her money and family connections. When Cam Brickley hits on her in a club, Olivia’s first instinct is to brush him off. But he couldn’t be using her for her money, since he has more than enough of his own. Cam’s gorgeous and built, and it would be no hardship to go out with him . . . besides, he’d be the perfect spokesperson for the children’s charity she works with. Maybe it’s time for her to start using people.

Cam and Olivia are both in it for something. What they don’t know yet is that they’re playing for keeps.

.... My Thoughts   ...
In Short
- Game On has everything from scenes which will make you LOL to hot under the collar.
- Both characters are well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. 

In Long
The blurb for Game On really pulled me into this book and I was so excited to start it, it did not disappoint!

Game On has everything going for it. From down to earth, funny, interesting, realistic characters to mouth watering sexy scenes to laugh your pants off scenes. I just couldn't get enough. 

Olivia is a fantastic character who I really liked early on, I mean who wouldn't?! She's a beautiful, caring character who became a friend while I read this book. I absolutely loved getting to know her and go through some journeys alongside her.

Cam is a swoon worthy male character that demanded my full attention with every scene he was in.

Game On has the whole package. There were some scenes where I couldn't stop myself laughing, even waking my little girl one time! These scenes definitely helped me, as the reader, get to know Cam and Olivia more too.

The intimate scenes were just.. HOT!!! They weren't even really 'naughty' as such but the chemistry was out of this world making everything that much more intense.

Final Thoughts 
Brilliant, addictive writing  with characters that will win your heart.

'Trust me, I had no plans to be this sexy today, but hey, shit happens.'

'the only thing that guarantees we won't live our dreams is if we give up on them before we even try.'

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*Cover Reveal* Fearless by Elizabeth SaFleur

Sarah’s life of rigid control is nearly shattered by two men—one who wishes to submit to her, the other who might break her.

Fearless, an all-new sexy standalone in the Elite Doms of Washington Series from Elizabeth SaFleur is coming February 26th, and we have the gorgeous new cover!

Sarah Marillioux fled back to DC after a weekend of reckless, delicious, impetuous passion in London with fellow Dominant, Steffan Vidar. Two years later, Sarah has re-established her life of discipline and rigid control until Steffan reappears to threaten her status quo of relegating all romantic encounters to a dungeon. He's moved to DC and, with him, is Laurent Chacon, Steffan's angelic submissive—a mixture of masculine strength and aching vulnerability. Together they will bring her carefully constructed world crashing down around her. It would almost be worth it to have Laurent. The problem is, she'd have to take Steffan, too.

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Cover Design: Shanoff Designs 
To celebrate the cover reveal of FEARLESS, Elizabeth is hosting a $100 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!


About Elizabeth
Award-winning author of contemporary romance, Elizabeth SaFleur promises all the "feels" in her emotional, plot-rich stories. Experience luxurious, glamorous escapes in her Elite Doms of Washington series Fall in love with her alpha men who always leave a woman satisfied Meet the heroines who take charge in the Justice Series, her Femme Domme romance books Join her burlesque & gangster book world in the Shakedown series debuting in 2019 Many of her books were inspired from her thirty years as a PR practitioner in and around Washington, DC. She writes, tweets and posts under a pseudonym since her business clients might be (WOULD be) shocked at her new career choice.


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*Release Blitz* Stealing Beauty by Julia Sykes

My review of Stealing Beauty to come on 18th.
Release Date: January 15th 
Genre: Dark Romance

Barnes & Noble:

As the most notorious, sadistic drug lord on the west coast, I thrive on power and control. Valentina loathes me as much as I despise her. That doesn't stop me from kidnapping her, stealing her away for myself.

Over the years that have separated us, hatred has festered in my heart. The girl I once loved is all woman now, and she thinks she belongs to someone else.

Her defiance tempts and torments me, and I'll never tire of devising devious punishments to keep her in line. She can't escape my cruel touch and harsh discipline.

No one will take her from me. I'll kill anyone who tries.

Valentina was always meant to be mine. Nothing will stop me from possessing her, body and soul.

About Julia 
About Julia Sykes Julia Sykes is the USA Today bestselling author of the Impossible Series. She has always kept dark stories tucked away in her mind, so she was thrilled when she discovered that other people actually want to read them. Her books blend romance, suspense, and BDSM.

You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced coffee clutched in her hand (two pumps of mocha, liberal half and half). If she's not in Starbucks, you will find her with a glass of prosecco in hand, probably reading Harry Potter. Again.

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Monday, 14 January 2019

*Cover Reveal* For Emery By J. Nathan

For Emery By  J. Nathan
A For You Novel
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Photo: Fabrice Lerouge
Release Date: February 4, 2019


I’ve loved Jordan Grady since I was eight. 
Since he became my protector.
Since he became my safe haven each night. 
But I was younger.
Off limits...
Until high school when he finally kissed me. 
And for a few fleeting moments, everything was right in the
Then I was forced to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do...
Disappear from his life without a trace.

I’m Alabama’s star right tackle—and a real prick. 
I live my life by a few solid truths.
Life isn’t fair.
Don’t let anyone get too close.
And those who claim to care about you can up and leave. 
But you know what they say about things that disappear….
But Emery Pruitt had never been mine.
Even if she had returned after four years.
And more beautiful than the night she vanished.
But it didn’t erase the fact that she’d left me.
So, why find me now?

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