*Review* Smoke and Mirrors By Michelle B

Released : 16th February 2021
Publisher: Self Published
Format : E book
Source : Blog Tour
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.... The Blurb  ....
One night is all it took.
One night changed all of my plans.
One night laid a road map out for the rest of my life.

My heart now belongs to him- Antonio Robert Heart, the underboss of the Heart Syndicate that governs over New York and its five boroughs. He rules with an unwavering hand yielding the blade of his knife, but when his strong hands touch me, I become liquid. I melt into his all-consuming prowess.

The thing is, he doesn't want me... even though he craves me.

I don’t date. I don’t love. I don’t want marriage and I do not want children. I only allow myself companionship when the desire is there.

Lilah Tomlinson was supposed to be one night-one hour at the most.

I was a fool.

My desire for her prevailed and I let her in... only to find out she has betrayed me. That muscle in my chest, the one she has penetrated and brought to life, it shrivels with the worst kind of anger: WRATH.

***This book is a dark romance with strong sexual content and violent scenes. If you are uncomfortable with either of these situations please do not read! 18+

.... My Thoughts   ...

In Short
- My first, but not last, book by Michelle B
- So much transpires its hard to stop thinking about.
- I wish we had seen even more of the secondary characters. 

In Long
This is my first  book by Michelle but it definitely won't be my last. Days later I am still thinking about this book and all that transpired.

Smoke and Mirrors has so much to it, you think things are starting to get to some sort of conclusion and something else is thrown in to the mix and everything is so far from over. There are so many different 'paths' that Michelle takes both with her characters and the story line. 

Antonio and his family are very clearly well thought out, each family member bringing something 'to the table.' I find their family all so intriguing and I really enjoyed getting to see in to their world. I felt it was refreshing because a lot of books like this don't have a big family network like this one. I definitely crave more

Lilah is a likeable, strong character who challenges Antonio. I was really entertained by the push and pull between them.

I  enjoyed the book being from both sides and therefore getting to know them both in equal terms and also knowing and seeing what each is thinking. Michelle did a brilliant job of ensuring this didn't mean the reader knew too much, there were many scenes that happens almost behind the readers back and I loved this. 

There are a few things which I feel would have made this a 5* for me. I love secondary characters and I often think they make or break a book. Michelle made some brilliant, likeable secondary characters that really added to the book. However because I liked them so much I wanted more and felt I didn't get enough. Especially of Giovanna who I really liked and hope he gets his own book! His relationship with Antonio was endearing as well as entertaining.  
Another thing for me was a bit of repetition about certain 'subjects' such as loyalty. It was mentioned a few times near the beginning which I felt was enough.

I didn't know until the end and reading the credits that Michelle's other books are linked to the same family. Seeing the glimpses of them throughout the book i can't wait to read their stories, they sound as action packed. 

Final Thoughts 
Smoke and Mirrors has the perfect balance of everything, all perfectly combined and mixed to create a gripping, action packed, raw romance book.

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*Review* In Peaces Lies Havoc by Amo Jones

Released : 5th November 2019
Publisher: Self Published
Format : E book
Source : Blog Tour
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Overall rating
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.... The Blurb  ....
My name is Dove Hendry.
Mine is Kingston Axton.
I was captured by darkness.
She has always been ours…
They groomed me for Midnight Mayhem. Like a trained possession, weak against their control.
She has been conditioned with our blood for years. She just doesn’t know it yet...
But Midnight Mayhem was the stained glass that concealed a very dark culture.
A culture that she is about to become the center of.
The Brothers of Kiznitch come in fours, and they’re not happy about me being hustled into their acts.
Or are we? Careful, Little Bird. A warning is a warning for a reason…
But there’s something uglier that has been haunting me for years upon years. So ugly that I have never seen its face. I never had to. I’d hear his whispers through my internal screams, feel his shadow brush against my nightmares. He was my the monster that tormented me.
And maybe lived under your bed…
When I started Midnight Mayhem, his presence faded.
His whispers were silenced.
His shadow dissolving without a trace.
I wondered why that was.
She didn’t have to wonder for long…

.... My Thoughts   ...
In Short
- Although I put this book down for a while once i started reading again i couldn't put it down.
- Amo Jones is a very talented author.  

In Long
In Peace Lies Havoc was actually a read which took a while for me to get in to. I think when i started reading this book I was so busy with general life I couldn't give it the time I needed to get in to the story line or the characters. I have an awful memory usually though but when I picked this back up I remembered all of what I had read so far so it clearly stuck in my head. Once I picked it back up I couldn't put it back down and found myself completely pulled in by Amo Jones characters.

Amo Jones is such a huge talent and not only is she breath takingly good at creating her characters she creates these story lines which completely mess with your mind in the best way.

 I absolutely love Dove. She isn't one of those annoying girls who make all these silly decisions but is actually very level headed girl with a worthy story behind her. I really enjoyed getting to know her throughout this book and seeing friendships blossom. 
Amo Jones has a way with male characters, she makes them the perfect mixture of sugar and spice and King was no different from that. I loved his relationship with his 'The Brothers'. Seeing their banter together as well as their mischief was enjoyable.

The story line is a true Amo jones story line and one which is not easily summed up. In fact it just can't be summed up. In true Amo style is completely and perfectly fu*ked up story line which is exactly why i love her books and wouldn't have it any other way!
There are so many twists and turns and I was completely left in the dark which I loved.

Final Thoughts 
If you haven't yet tried Amo Jones books then I can not recommend them enough but be warned, her books completely mess with everything you know and think. They take over your thinking and make it impossible to put the book down.

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