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*Review* Sorrow's Queen by Ashleigh Giannoccaro & Murphy Wallace

Released : 18th June 2019
Publisher: Self Published
Format : E book
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.... The Blurb  ....
Sorrow slips in quietly when no one is looking — just like I do. 
It robs them of life and joy — just like. 
Sorrow is a killer in the night, murdering hearts and leaving destruction in it’s wake — and so am I. 
I am Tristan Sorrow, I stole happiness, and now she is mine. 

He came in in the dead of night to steal me, to take me home. He was sent to rob me of my happiness and murder my hopes.
Creeping in in slowly, he was an unexpected twist in my tale. 
But he stole the wrong thing, he made me his Queen. 
Tristan Sorrow stole my heart — and my life. 

Every love story is written tragically in the blood of those who fell.

.... My Thoughts   ...
In Short
- This book is highly emotive.
- The story line gave me mixed feelings.
- This is a very fast story. 

In Long
Wow. This book broke me! It's written so beautifully well in such a highly emotive way. It blew me away!

Tristan was an instant love for me. He shouldn't have been, some of his actions aren't okay and make Sophie feel uncomfortable but I just felt I saw a different side to him early on.

Sophie is an innocent, young girl (I didn't like this bit but also didn't let it ruin it for me) that has been sheltered. She is really thrown in to the deep end with Tristan but I admire how she handled the situation.

The story line pushed my limits with the stealing a younger bride to ensure a mobster who will treat her badly marries her. I felt this went against the Cavalieri general motto for me and was a negative of the story line. That aside it's a very fast moving book but it actually worked me for. I felt there were a lot of emotions that felt very real, this definitely helped me connect and believe the chemistry. 

Final Thoughts 
The Cavalieri Della Morte series has had me feeling every emotion and has been one heck of a ride. 

'It's as if she's the sun burning away the mist of my sorrows.'

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